Complete Project Responsibility
Relocatable Structure ProjectAs a single source supplier, Arctic Relocatable Structures Inc. provides complete project responsibility on every phase: from site selection, through our quality controlled construction process, site preparation, transportation, to final landscaping details. Our expertise includes the installation of complete mechanical and electrical systems, environmental monitoring, and remote security systems devices. Your project becomes more manageable by dealing with a supplier fully competent in all project activities.

Strength of Design
The structural steel floor is the key to the transportation and integrity of your shelter. The buildings are self-supporting and strength variance is developed to meet both the needs of your building design and the site requirements.

Relocatable Structure ProjectMulti-Purpose
Arctic's structures have been designed with a variety of small building requirements in mind. The interiors can be finished for use as emergency shelters and living quarters, or to house any kind of equipment from telecommunications and switching equipment to computers. Whether you need cable trays or a kitchen sink, all interior finishings that you require are installed by Arctic, ready for your use.

Site Accessibility
The coordination of end location issues can present formidable obstacles. End-site preparation, from building access roads to final erection and installation, is managed by professionals experienced in the placement of structures anywhere from the top of office towers to mountain ranges around the world.

Relocatable Structure ProjectDelivered to Prepared Sites
Arctic will prepare your site with a slab-on-grade or a pier foundation ready for the erection of your structure. In addition we will meet your various DC and AC grounding needs for any equipment you need to house. Post-construction, your site will be professionally landscaped within a security fenced site.

Global Relocation
Arctic Relocatable Structures Inc. can ship your structure wherever in the world you require. We can transport your shelter and the equipment it will house by land, sea, or air depending on end location issues. You can rest assured knowing your structure will arrive safely at its final destination in a timely manner, saving you both time and money.

Relocatable Structure ProjectInstallation Expertise
Remote locations are often not the friendliest: gale force winds, rugged terrain, and extreme temperatures can appear daunting when not previously encountered. Arctic has a record of meeting and surmounting these challenges. By entrusting Arctic with the project coordination activities, you can be secure in the knowledge that no matter what the end-site issues, they will be managed by competent professionals.