Panl-Line™ Building Systems Specifications

Panl-Line™ Building SystemsGeneral
This environmental structure known as a Relocatable, Environmentally Controlled Enclosure is designed and constructed to meet the specific needs of the communication industry. The units are constructed in 8′ to 16′ widths incremental at 8″ with an internal ceiling height of (9′ 3″). The length will be 8′ to 40′ incremental at 8″. Buildings to meet Uniform building code B4, Occupancy, BOCA National Building Code Type 4A and UL ISO, CSA and UL Standards.

A Service Manual will be provided with each building in a wall mounted holder. The manual will outline Maintenance and Repair information for all equipment used in the building and the building itself, with contact names and phone numbers for assistance and replacement, for both warranty and after warranty service.

Structural Specifications
The frame assembly is fabricated from structural steel main members and steel cross members. The frame is primed with a rust inhibitor primer and finish coated with 2 coats of a high quality enamel.

The floor assembly consists of a sub-floor of 30 Ga. galvanized steel. The floor underlayment is 3 layers, one of 3/4″ exterior grade, plugged and a touch sanded plywood attached to the floor joist and a top layer flooring of 1/4″ exterior grade plywood, positioned such that all seams are staggered, and assembled with screws. The floor covering is 1/8″ X 12″ X 12″ commercial grade vinyl tile. Floor insulation is R-20 Fiberglass with vapor barrier.

Exterior walls are 24 gauge Butler Steelox flat panels formed from zinc coated steel with factory applied color and a smooth surface. Standard wall finish is 1/2″ beige vinyl wall board panels with brown divider strips. R-12 insulation plus 6 mil. vapor barrier. The walls are bolted directly to the frame around the perimeter of the floor assembly and employ 14 Ga. galvanized shear plate, bolted to the wall assembly and the frame.

Exterior roofing is Butler Steelox 18 GA panels, roll formed from zinc coated steel with optional factory applied color coating and a smooth surface. (Galvalum 18 gauge) with 8″ overhang. 6 MIL Polyethylene film will be used to line all interior walls and floor under paneling. Interior ceiling are Butler Steelox panels, roll formed as above with an embossed finish (Antique White, 24 gauge).

(1) 36″ X 80″ insulated steel door finished in Antique White. The door jamb is a welded steel frame with vinyl seal. Doors are set in a door frame structure integral with the wall assembly. Door closer, 603PAL, Door lock, Unican lock on door.

Electrical distribution is:
200 Amp system, single phase 60 Hz 220 volt panel with forty two (42) circuits. Transfer switch and emergency generator receptacle are optional. All wiring conforms to National Electric Code. Individual circuits with high quality circuit breakers are provided in the distribution panels. 110 volt outlets are located on each wall. Dual bulb, low profile 40 watt, 110 volt 60 Hz florescent lights are provided on the ceiling, complete with bulb guards. Exterior light shall be a 100 watt Vandal proof light.

Safety Equipment and Alarms
The smoke detector has photoelectric sensing equipment, for local and remote alarms. An alarm terminal block shall be provided capable of monitoring and reporting the following:
Door open
Presence of smoke
High or low temperature
All alarms are to be provided as a normally open dry circuit closed to alarm. Customers will be responsible for integrating the alarm package into switching equipment scan points.

Cable Tray
12″ wide X 4″ deep aluminum.

Air Conditioning is optional in the following configurations:
Packaged units
Split systems
Wall mounts
-48 V ventilation system

Fire Suppression System
FM 200 and components.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) warranties are forwarded to the customer. The enclosure manufacturers warrants the enclosure to be free of defects and workmanship for a period of not less than 1 full year.