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The Arctic Group brought together many years of experience in Construction, Mechanical, Electrical Contracting and a comprehensive innovative response to the needs of the Communication Industry.

Arctic Alert Construction Ltd. was established in 1984 implementing building projects in remote areas of the Canadian Arctic. This company met and overcame many environmental hazards associated with this terrain.

Then in the early 1990’s, Arctic Relocatable Structures Inc. was created to target the Communications Industry. It expanded to include foreign markets in Europe, South America, Mexico, Africa, the Orient, as well as the Canadian Provinces.

Responding to the high tech and in-depth needs of the Communication Industry, Arctic Relocatable Structures Inc. chose the highest quality products and materials to manufacture Shelters to envelop state-of-the-art communication equipment.

I formed this group of companies with the belief of providing timely superior products at competitive prices to fit the ever changing technological conditions of our customers — around the corner or across the globe!

Offering insight and expertise in design-built for your needs, we hope to add you to our growing list of clients.